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ISFE Member application form


Please submit to if you want to become a member of ISFE

Membership Benefits




ISFE website will be fully accessible to all members as follows: member listserv, and job information, plus links to other key websites dealing with food engineering issues worldwide, including the IUFoST website and university websites with food engineering and related programs.







Members will receive two newsletters per year consisting of editorials, information about upcoming events, and descriptions of key facilities around the world.




Registration fees reduction at scientific meetings


ISFE members can receive a reduction in registration fees for food engineering related conferences and workshops, such as the Conference of Food Engineering (CoFE) and the Ibero-American Conference of Food Engineering (CIBIA).




Who´s in food engineering


Members have access to the professional profiles of other ISFE members to facilitate professional interaction in diverse areas pertinent to food engineering and related topics.

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