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Bylaws of ISFE



Section 1. Name

The name of this ISFE shall be the INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF FOOD ENGINEERING (ISFE), a subsidiary organization of the International Union of Food Science & Technology (IUFoST). Hereinafter these are referred to as the "ISFE" and the “IUFoST", respectively. In the event of any conflict between the By-Laws of the ISFE and the Constitution of the IUFoST, the latter shall prevail.

Section 2. Purpose

The purpose of the ISFE shall be the same as that of the IUFoST and nothing in these By-Laws shall be inconsistent with the IUFoST 's policies and procedures. ISFE aims to promote the sharing of information in food engineering and related topics under the umbrella of IUFoST.

Section 3. Objectives

The objectives of the ISFE shall be to:

• Provide an appropriate forum to facilitate the communication among professionals working on food engineering and related topics in academia, industry, and government from around the world
• Foster international scientific communication through IUFoST, technology transfer and exchange among food engineers throughout the world
• Support cooperative endeavors with other professional societies concerned with food engineering and technology
• Assist in the development of Food Engineering curricula around the world



Section 1. Membership

Any interested individual willing to go by these by-laws and IUFoST Constitution, as well as to pay the established dues, could become a member of ISFE.

Section 2. Privileges

Networking – ISFE will have a website accessible to all the members including a member listserv, chat-room facilities, and job information. This website will be linked to other key websites dealing with Food Engineering issues from around the world, as well as IUFoST website.
Newsletter - Each member will receive 2 newsletters per year. Each newsletter will have editorials, information about upcoming events, description of key facilities from around the world that will be food engineering related. (This newsletter should be available through the ISFE website).
Journal of Food Engineering - Each member is entitled to receive the Journal of Food Engineering, Elsevier Science, (20 issues/year) at a significant discount. The subscription to JFE will be optional.
Newsline - Each member is entitled to receive Newsline, an official publication of the International Union of Food Science & Technology (IUFoST). It is published three times a year and reaches up to 150,000 food scientists and technologists in over 100 countries around the world.
Registration fees reduction at scientific meeting - ISFE will seek reduction of registration fees in food engineering related conferences, workshops, etc., for its members. These reductions will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. An example of such kind of event is the Conference of Food Engineering (CoFE), an American Institute of Chemical Engineers Topical Conference.
Who's who in Food Engineering - ISFE will make available to its members the professional profile of ISFE members to facilitate professional interactions. These professional interactions could lead to the identification of working groups in specific topics, suggest papers to be included in JFE on technical or educational issues, etc.


Section 3. Resignation

Any member may resign ISFE membership by writing to the ISFE Secretary or the IUFoST Secretariat.



Section 1. Officers

a. The officers of the ISFE shall consist of a Chair, Chair-elect, and Secretary. The officers must be members of at least one regional food engineering association and the ISFE.
b. The ISFE shall elect a General Assembly Delegate as its representative on the IUFoST General Assembly plus an Alternate Delegate. The ISFE General Assembly Delegate and Alternate Delegate must be members of the ISFE.


Section 2. Substitute Representation

An ISFE General Assembly Delegate unable to attend an IUFoST General Assembly meeting shall notify the ISFE Chair as promptly as possible so that a substitute Delegate can be appointed to represent the ISFE at that meeting or adjourned session thereof. The substitute shall be the Alternate Delegate, or should the Alternate Delegate not be available, an ISFE member who is a General Assembly member of the IUFoST.

Section 3. Terms of Office

Elected officers of the ISFE shall serve for a term of two years (2), or until their successors qualify. Terms of office of the officers shall correspond to the governance year of the IUFoST. Upon completion of the two-year term, the Chair-elect shall automatically succeed to the office of Chair. The General Assembly Delegate and Alternate Delegate shall serve terms of four (4) years.

Section 4. Duties

The duties of the officers shall be those customarily performed by such officers, together with those responsibilities prescribed by the Constitution of the IUFoST and by these By-Laws, and such other duties as may be assigned by the ISFE Executive Committee.

a. The ISFE Chair shall:
(1) preside at meetings of the ISFE Executive Committee;
(2) execute the decisions and recommendations of the ISFE Executive Committee;
(3) preside at meetings of the ISFE;
(4) appoint all committees authorized by these By-Laws, unless expressly specified otherwise;
(5) develop the ISFE annual budget, or delegate this to the Chair-elect;
(6) represent the ISFE to the IUFoST;
(7) complete the arrangements for the ISFE's symposia (that was developed during the previous term when the 
Chair was Chair-elect) for presentation at the IUFoST World Congress with the Service Delivery Center 1 (SDC1); and
(8) sign vouchers for ISFE expenses and transmit them to the Secretary-Treasurer General of the IUFoST for payment.

b. The ISFE Chair-elect shall:
(1) develop the ISFE's program Symposia (when held) with the Program Committee for presentation at the IUFoST World Congress in the term when the Chair-elect becomes Chair;
(2) develop any other seminars, workshops, symposia or similar activities with the Program Committee, as specified in the IUFoST SDC1 regulations;
(3) develop the ISFE annual budget for the ensuing term with the assistance of the Executive Committee, if so delegated by the Chair; and
(4) assume the duties of the Chair in the absence of the Chair.

c. The ISFE Secretary shall:
(1) keep a record of the proceedings of the ISFE and of the Executive Committee;
(2) maintain a current list of ISFE Officers and ISFE Committee members;
(3) conduct the assigned correspondence of the ISFE;
(4) prepare a report covering ISFE activities for the year and submit it to the IUFoST Secretariat prior to the Governing Council Meeting;
(5) summarize such activities in an annual report to the ISFE at its business meeting or by appropriate publication in the ISFE newsletter;
(6) receive a half-year ISFE financial report from the IUFoST Secretariat;
(7) submit the ISFE annual budget to
the the IUFoST Secretariat by April 1 for approval by the IUFoST Gorverning Council;
(8) notify the IUFoST Secretary by July 1 of any dues to be assessed by the ISFE for the following calendar year; and
(9) sign vouchers for ISFE expenses (vouchers may be signed by either the ISFE Chair or the ISFE Secretary) and transmit them to the IUFoST Secretary for payment.

d. The ISFE General Assembly Delegate shall:
(1) serve as a voting member of the ISFE Executive Committee;
(2) serve as a representative of the ISFE in the governance of the IUFoST;
(3) attend and participate in the IUFoST General Assembly meeting to support issues that are in the best interest of the ISFE and its membership, and IUFoST;
(4) participate in the execution of General Assembly responsibilities on membership, annual dues, elections, IUFoST publications, committees, fiscal year, annual budget, subsidiary organizations, and amendments as defined in the IUFoST Constitution;
(5) establish and maintain an understanding of membership views and concerns through active and continuous participation in meetings of the ISFE;
(6) serve as a channel of communication between the membership of the ISFE and the IUFoST Governing Council;
(7) use regional activities of the IUFOST, as active and continuous
opportunities for communication with the membership and IUFOST Governing Council members;
(8) notify the ISFE Chair prior to May 1 if unable to attend an IUFoST General Assembly meeting; and
(9) perform other duties assigned by the ISFE Chair.

e. The ISFE Alternate General Assembly Delegate shall serve as a voting member of the ISFE Executive Committee and be responsible for the duties of the General Assembly Delegate when appointed to perform them by the ISFE Chair.

Section 5. Vacancies

Vacancies in office shall be filled as follows:
a. should the office of Chair become vacant, the Chair-elect shall succeed to the office and duties of Chair for the unexpired term, and thereafter shall serve his intended term as Chair; and
b. vacancies in any other office shall be filled by the Executive Committee. Any individual so appointed shall serve for the remainder of the governance year. At the next bi-annual election, the ISFE shall elect a member to complete the unexpired term, if any.

Section 6. Limitation of Liability

No ISFE Executive Committee member or officer shall be liable for damages resulting from the exercise of judgment or discretion in connection with the duties or responsibilities of their office except as dictated by law.



Section 1. Duties

The Executive Committee shall be the governing body of the ISFE, and as such, shall have full power to conduct, manage, and direct the business affairs of the ISFE in accordance with these By-Laws and with the Constitution of the IUFoST.

Section 2. Composition

The Executive Committee shall consist of the three (3) current officers of the ISFE, the immediate Past Chair, the General Assembly Delegate, the Alternate Delegate, and twelve (12) Members-at-Large elected from the membership of the ISFE. The Newsletter Editor/Webmaster and the Chair of the ISFE Program Committee are appointed as voting members. Four (4) Student Member representatives (two Seniors and two Juniors) are appointed as non-voting members.

Section 3. Representation

Nominees for membership on the Executive Committee shall be chosen to give representation to the broad spectrum of ISFE interest from research to production, and from scientific endeavors to administrative.

Section 4. Terms

Elected Members-at-Large of the Executive Committee shall serve for a term of four (4) years, corresponding to the governance year of the IUFOST, on a rotating basis such that one-half (1/2) of the members are elected every other year. (see also Article III, Section 3)

Section 5. Quorum

A quorum of the Executive Committee shall be not less than thirty percent (30%) of the voting members, of which either the Chair or Chair-elect must be present. Withdrawal of members from the meeting shall not cause failure of a quorum at that meeting.

Section 6. Vacancies

The Executive Committee shall fill vacancies on the Executive Committee. Any individual so appointed shall serve for the remainder of the governance term. At the next bi-annual election, the ISFE shall elect a member to complete any unexpired term.



Section 1. Nominations

a. No later than January 1 of every other year the ISFE Chair shall appoint a Nominating Committee, one of whom shall be the immediate past Chair who shall serve as ex-officio Chair. Through a newsletter article, the members of the ISFE shall be notified as to the offices to be filled, and shall be solicited for suggestions of nominees (when appropriate) for ISFE officers, General Assembly Delegate, Alternate Delegate, Secretary, and Members-at-Large.
b. Whenever possible, the Nominating Committee shall nominate two (2) or more candidates for each elective position. The incumbent in any position may be re-nominated, in which case a second candidate need not be nominated. Other nominations may be made by a petition signed by ten (10) or more members of the ISFE in good standing. No nominee's name is to be placed on the final ballot unless the nominee has confirmed in writing a willingness to serve, if elected.
c. The Nominating Committee (or its designee) shall mail ballots to the current ISFE members.


Section 2. Elections

a. Elections shall be by response to a ballot sent to the ISFE membership at least thirty (30) days prior to the balloting deadline of April 20 every other year.

Section 3. Counting

a. The Tellers Committee (or its designee) shall count ballots on all matters requiring a vote by ISFE members.
b. The Chair of the Tellers Committee shall resolve tie votes by lot.

Section 4. Results

a. The Tellers Committee shall report the results of its tallies to the Secretary not later than ten (10) days after the balloting deadline for each matter.
b. The Secretary will report the newly elected officers to the IUFoST Secretary by May 10.
c. The results of the voting shall be announced to the membership at the next Business Meeting of the ISFE and in the subsequent issue of the ISFE Newsletter.



Section 1. Program

There shall be an ISFE Program Committee, consisting of a Chair and two (2) or more members. The Chair of the Program Committee shall also serve a four (4) year term as the ISFE representative on the IUFoST SDC1. The terms of the other Program Committee members shall also be for four (4) years. With concurrence of the Executive Committee, the ISFE Chair shall make appointments so as to produce rotation of one half of the Program Committee membership bi-annually.

The Program Committee shall:

a. assist the Chair-elect with organization of ISFE symposia for presentation at the IUFOST World Congress;
b. assist the Chair-elect with organizing and presenting other ISFE seminars, workshops, symposia or equivalent activities, subject to approval by the IUFoST SDC1;
c. review all papers or abstracts submitted for presentation at the IUFoST World Congress and other IUFoST related events, in the area of expertise of the ISFE.


Section 2. Nominating

There shall be a Nominating Committee of not less than three (3) members to function as provided in the ISFE By-Laws Article V.

Section 3. Tellers

There shall be a Tellers Committee of not less than three (3) members who are not candidates for office to function as provided in the ISFE By-Laws Article V.

Section 4. Membership

There shall be a Membership Committee consisting of two (2) or more members. The Membership Committee shall promote membership in the ISFE and make recommendations to the Executive Committee in matters related to membership issues.

Section 5. Corporate Sponsorship

There shall be a Corporate Sponsorship Committee consisting of two (2) or more members. The Corporate Sponsorship Committee shall promote financial sponsorship of the ISFE.

Section 6. Newsletter

There shall be a Newsletter Editor/Webmaster to annually publish two (2) or more newsletters for the ISFE members and maintain content on the ISFE webpage.

Section 7. Long Range Planning and Activities

There shall be a Long Range Planning Committee of not less than three (3) members who shall:

a. review and evaluate existing ISFE activities;
b. evaluate future ISFE needs; and
c. make recommendations for changes or new activities.


Section 8. Public Information

There may be a Public Information Committee of not less than three (3) members who shall coordinate official ISFE responses to requests for information regarding food engineering issues.

Section 9. Other Committees

The Executive Committee may establish other committees as may be necessary for the proper operation of the ISFE.

Section 10. Committee Appointments

Except where otherwise expressly provided, the Chair shall make committee appointments with the advice of the ISFE Executive Committee.



Section 1. Business Meeting

The ISFE shall hold a business meeting bi-annually in connection with the IUFoST World Congress; or, at the discretion of the Executive Committee. In lieu of the ISFE business meeting, the ISFE may instead hold an open Executive Committee Meeting at the IUFoST World Congress.

The regular order of business of the business meeting shall be to:

a. receive reports from officers, committee chairs, and the general assembly delegate,
b. install new officers and Executive Committee members, and
c. conduct such other ISFE business as may be appropriate.

Section 2. Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall meet upon due notice to its members at the call of the Chair, or at the request of a majority of the members of the Executive Committee. In the absence of a quorum (see Article IV, Section 5), meetings of the Executive Committee shall adjourn to another date.

Conference phone calls, with the same quorum requirements, may be substituted for a meeting.

Section 3. Special Meetings

The Executive Committee may call special meetings of the ISFE by giving the membership notice in writing at least sixty (60) days in advance of the meeting. If business requiring a vote of the membership is to be conducted, the exact nature of the business must be stated in the notice, and no other business shall be conducted at such special meetings.

Section 4. Quorum

With the exception of the ISFE Executive Committee, a quorum for transaction of business at a ISFE meeting shall consist of the smaller of fifteen (15) or fifteen percent (15%) of the qualified voting members of the ISFE. No business shall be conducted in the absence of a quorum. Withdrawal of members from the meeting shall not cause failure of a quorum at that meeting.



Section 1. Fiscal Year

The fiscal year for the ISFE shall be the same as the fiscal year for the IUFoST.

Section 2. Dues

The IUFoST Governing Council shall establish, in consultation with the ISFE Executive Committee, annual dues for the ISFE members.

Section 3. Non-payment

Suspension for non-payment of dues, or subsequent reinstatement, shall be made by the ISFE Executive Committee upon recommendation of the ISFE Membership Committee.

Section 4. Corporate Sponsorships

a. there shall be multiple levels of corporate sponsorship with the annual amounts stipulated by the ISFE Executive Committee;
b. funds collected shall be deposited in the general funds of the IUFoST and credited to the ISFE immediately.

Section 5. Budget

Annual ISFE budgets shall be prepared by the Chair or Chair-elect, with the advice of the Executive Committee of the ISFE, and submitted by April 1 to the IUFoST Secretariat for approval by the Governing Council. The ISFE Executive Committee shall approve the final budget at their meeting held during the IUFoST World Congress.

Section 6. Interest

Interest on balances (based on a weighted average of the ISFE fund balances) shall be credited to the ISFE quarterly at the then current pre-established money market rate.

Section 7. Disbursement of Funds

Expenses against the approved budget will be authorized on vouchers signed by the Chair or Secretary and forwarded to the IUFoST Secretary for disbursement from the funds of the IUFoST.

Section 8. Conveyance

In the event of the dissolution of the ISFE or revocation of its Charter, all ISFE funds remaining after the discharge of all debt and obligations shall be conveyed to the IUFoST to support IUFOST programs.



Section 1. Proposals

Amendments to this By-Laws may be proposed either by the Executive Committee or by a petition to the Executive Committee over the signatures of the larger of fifteen (15) or fifteen percent (15%) of the qualified voting members of the ISFE.

Section 2. Procedures

The Secretary shall forward written copies of proposed amendments to the IUFoST Secretariat for transmittal to the Constitution Advisory Committiee and By-Laws. Upon receipt of approval from that Committee, the Secretary shall furnish all members of the ISFE with copies of the proposed amendments and sections affected in the existing By-Laws, along with appropriate ballots for voting.

Section 3. Approval

A three-fifths (3/5) majority of those voting on a proposed amendment shall be necessary for approval.



If the ISFE fails to meet at least four (4) of the following six (6) requirements in any year, it shall be put on probationary status. If, at the end of three (3) years on probationary status, the ISFE is not meeting all six (6) requirements, the Council of the IUFoST may revoke the Charter of the ISFE. The requirements are:

a. active professional participation;
b. financially viable;
c. newsletters published twice a year;
d. an annual Executive Committee meeting;
e. a minimum of a hundred (100) members, except student membership; and
f. submission of the annual report and budget to the IUFoST Secretariat.


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